Welcome to the United Kingdom Vineyard Association

The United Kingdom Vineyards Association (UKVA) is the organisation to which grape growers and winemakers belong in order to:

  • share information
  • have a voice in Westminster and Brussels
  • develop and promote their industry

The UKVA is the only organisation recognised by the government and the wider community as representing the English and Welsh wine industry.


  • Sponsors the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) and Protected Geographic Indicator (PGI) Wine Schemes. Click the links for information on the PDO/PGI Wine Schemes or for a full list of English and Welsh wines which have attained PDO/PGI status.
  • Has direct access to and contact with all official bodies connected to our industry such as Defra, the Food Standards Agency (Wine Standards Branch), Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMR&C), and the Wine and Spirit Trade Association.
  • Works closely with the English Wine Producers (EWP) the marketing organisation for the major UK wine producers, helping to raise the public understanding of our industry.
  • Organises the English and Welsh Wine of the Year Competition – the national competition for UK produced wines from fresh grapes. The awards are presented at a prestigious ceremony in July each year. Past venues have included the House of Lords, the House of Commons, and Vintners' Hall.
  • Organises a bi-annual Symposium where international speakers are invited to speak on topics covering both cutting edge technical and marketing issues. 
  • The Annual General Meeting, hosted by key organisations with a viticultural focus, is the place for members to voice their opinions. Also features Informative and hands-on workshops.
  • Develops and reviews the range of pesticides legally allowed for UK vineyards. Applies and pays for EAUs (Extensions of Authorisation of Use) on behalf of its members, whilst encouraging chemical companies to include grapevines as part of their On Label Approvals.
  • Works with the UK wine industry to play a positive role in the rural economy. The UKVA is developing asustainability strategy which will enable all its members to make operate successfully without compromising the quality of life for future generations


  • The Grape Press, the only magazine which deals with technical issues affecting UK vineyards and wineries. It includes a Commercial Directory listing of winemakers, consultants and other service providers.
  • The Pesticides booklet, updated each Spring, brings together information on all approved sprays and best practice, ensuring that members spray effectively and legally. (See publications page)

The Regions:

  • The UKVA is made up of seven Regional Associations and a grouping of the larger producers in the UK. For more information on the regions and joining see the membership page.

English Wines or British Wine

Similar though these terms sound, there is a marked difference between the two and it can lead to confusion.

English or Welsh Wine is made from fresh grapes grown here in England (or Wales) and produced in UK wineries. All of the UKVA members grow grapes to produce this type of wine.

British Wine, however, is not the same thing at all. It is the product of imported grapes or grape concentrate that is made into wine in Britain. ‘British’ wines are not wines as defined by the EU which specifies that wine can only be the product of fermented freshly crushed grapes.



This is more information about the UKVA.