UKVA Campaigns

Welcome to the UKVA Campaigns page.  The UKVA are committed to ensuring that key issues that get in the way of business, or hinder commercial success are minimised.  We campaign on a range of issues to ensure that the UK wine industry is competitive, viable and successful.

To tackle issues that disadvantage our industry we have initiated some innovative programmes that help us to have a bigger voice and make our arguments clear.  These include:

Wine Champions: We have two wine champions representing the two political institutions that have the most influence on our industry, namely Westminster and the European Parliament.  For Westminster our Champion is Neil Parish MP, Chairman of the Agriculture Select Committee, and for Brussels, Anthea McIntyre MEP, who serves on the EU’s powerful Agriculture Committee, accounting for nearly 40% of the EU budget.  We hope to add a representative from the Welsh Government in due course.

neil-parish anthea-mcintyre

This is a huge step forward for our industry body, giving us real clout and enabling us to deal directly with government.

Duty: to get a better deal for UK wine producers and keep our industry at the forefront of the Chancellors thoughts during future budget statements.  We are looking at a range of ways that the UK Government could better support our industry.

Plant Protection Products: The Green Book (UK approved pesticides) gets thinner each year as the range of approved products decreases.  In contrast our colleagues on the Continent enjoy a bigger range of products than we do, being subject to the same rules as we are.  This suggests a problem that we need to address and we are working hard to do so.

We have developed a unique tool, the Plant Protection Watchlist, a simple and effective graphic that underlines how the loss of approved products could impact upon the sector by reducing the effectiveness of the remaining products due to the building of disease resistance in vineyards.



Brexit may provide us with other opportunities to expand the range of approved plant protection products (PPPs) to help us deal with the vagaries of the British climate and control pests.  Models for approving PPPs from other parts of the world may be applicable, giving an increased range so this is an opportunity we shall be keeping an eye on.

Regulation: inextricably linked to the next topic, Brexit, regulation is at the heart of the UKVA’s being and of course we have strong views on taking forward and maintaining standards for the high quality wines in our industry within the important framework of the PDO/PGI and Varietal wine schemes.

Brexit:  working with industry partners we have undertaken a considerable consultation exercise to formulate our strategy and thinking ahead of the Brexit renegotiation.  This is a key moment to drive changes and improve legislation to the better advantage of our industry and we must not let it pass us by.

UKVA Brexit Consultation doc