Vineyard and vines growing

UKVA Management Committee 

UKVA Chairmain and Management Committee Chairmain: Petpeter-gladwyn-150x200er Gladwin.

Nutbourne Vineyards, West Sussex.


barry-lewis-150x200UKVA Chief Executive: Barry Lewis.

Barry also has  a vineyard,  Amber Valley Wines, Derbyshire

UKVjo-cowderoy-150x200A General Secretary: Jo Cowderoy.

Jo was formerly co-ordinator of the WineSkills project.

jane-awty-150x200Jane Awty:

Small producer, Oatley Vineyard, Somerset. Jane was formerly Secretary of the UKVA’s Sustainability Group.




dominic-buckwell-150x200Dominic Buckwell:

Law specialist.





shaun-merrick-150x200Shaun Merrick:

Finance specialist, also with a small vineyard, Home Farm Vineyard , Lincolnshire.





Mike PaulMike Paul:

business and marketing wine consultant.   Mike was a WineSkills mentor in marketing and business development.

emma-rice-150x200Emma Rice:

Consultant winemaker, Hattingley Valley Wines, Hampshire.     





tamara-roberts-150x200Tamara Roberts:

Large producer, English Wine Producers committee member, Ridgeview Estate, East Sussex.                




geoff-taylor-150x200Geoff Taylor:

Wine chemist.   Geoff is founder of the UK’s largest wine analysis company, Corkwise, now a part of Campden BRI.




bruce-tindale-150x200Bruce Tindale:

Small producer, High Clandon Estate, Surrey.  Bruce was also Chair of the planning committee for the International Cool Climate Wine Symposium 2016.    




julia-trustram-eve-150x200Julia Trustram-Eve:

English Wine Producers Marketing Director.

The Management Committee was created by the UKVA Council in February 2016 to boost the capacity of the UKVA’s governance and management. The Management Committee meets quarterly and works mainly through subgroups. Membership was initially by invitation, to represent all sectors of the industry and different sizes of producer, with geographic spread. Members also have useful professional backgrounds, for example in law, finance, wine marketing and wine science research.

The UKVA is keen to minimise additional costs and committee members give their time voluntarily and largely meet their own expenses. The Vintners Company has generously offered their boardroom without charge for meetings.

The bulk of the work has been carried forward through subgroups. These working groups have co-opted additional members and work mainly through email and Skype, to keep costs down.

Current working groups are: