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Chaired by Barry LewisBarry Lewis

The group’s priority is to strengthen the UKVA as a trade association that provides a much better range of technical support services, information and advocacy to meet the needs of UK vine growers and winemakers, primarily through a redeveloped website.

An early output from the group is the six point UKVA priorities, a more ambitious definition of the scope of the UKVA as an organization.

  • Support, guidance and training;
  • bringing the industry together through events, competitions and forums;
  • advocacy with government and officialdom;
  • guardian of quality standards;
  • crop protection – ensuring an adequate range of approved products remains available and providing regular up-to-date guidance to UKVA members;
  • promoting research.

Members of the group are Management Committee members Jane Awty, Duncan McNeill, Julia Trustram Eve, Geoff Taylor and Emma Rice.

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