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BevTech Ltd

Winery Equipment

The philosophy of the BevTech team is to ensure that clients always receive the equipment that is best suited to their needs and budget. The staff are qualified winemakers so are able to provide invaluable advice and their combined experience of nearly 50 years International winemaking. Presses, tanks, barrels, pumps, bottling, disgorging, winery supplies and much more.

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Contract Services


Now in its third year BevTech’s mobile bottling and labelling service is very popular providing a top quality, efficient and cost effective solution to wineries, for still and sparkling wines, across the UK. A new GUI bottling and rinsing line will be introduced during next season, also with speeds of up to 3,000 bottles/hour and extremely low dissolved oxygen, ensuring that the quality of your wine is preserved.

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New contract services to be introduced soon include: Cold stabilisation and Centrifuge filtering.