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Apply for PDO/PGI Status or Varietal certification

To apply for PDO, PGI or Varietal certification for your wines, please use the appropriate form, downloadable below. The forms have been revised for use from 13th March 2017.


For PDO and PGI applications:

The completed form should be sent to the Wine Scheme Manager at the UKVA (see forms for the address). It will then be validated and allocated an application number which will be emailed to you. On receipt of the application number a copy of the form should be sent, with the samples, and any other required documentation, to Campden BRI (see forms for the address).

Do not pay until you receive an invoice.

Details and rules for the PDO and PGI schemes can be found in the DEFRA guidance documents which can also be downloaded here.

Still/Sparkling PDO Application form
Still/Sparkling PGI Application Form

DEFRA Guidance PDO Welsh
DEFRA Guidance PGI Welsh
DEFRA Guidance PDO English
DEFRA Guidance PGI English

For Varietal applications:

The completed form should be sent, with payment, to the address on the form.

Varietal scheme application form 2017