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UK Approved Pesticides booklet ‘The Green Book’

Carefully compiled by the UKVA technical advisor, Chris Cooper, this is an essential handbook for anyone growing a commercial vineyard. All On and Off Label Approvals for grapevines in the UK are listed, with detailed usage notes for Off Label Chemicals. Guidelines on safe and effective usage, additional notes on avoiding resistance build up and a suggested spray programme are all part of this publication. The Pesticides Book is issued each February and is available free to all UKVA members.

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Contact Jo Cowderoy, UKVA General Secretary, email [email protected] or tel. 07904 011331.

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full-label-extension-approvalsUKVA members can click here for the latest version of The Green Book

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UKVA Guide to the EU Wine Regime

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Reports for industry

The UKVA provides a range of reports useful for UK grape growers and winemakers.  Please go to the industry reports page

Grape Press Magazine

The UKVA produces Grape Press, the only technical magazine dealing with UK viticulture and winemaking. The Grape Press is issued in February and August each year, free to UKVA members.

The editor is Jo Cowderoy, UKVA General Secretary, email [email protected] or tel. 07904 011331.

The Grape Press magazine includes a list of commercial suppliers, the current list can be seen here. Please note that UKVA Members are able to access some of the previous editions of the Grape Press that are available electronically.

The Grape Press Volume 165 – August 2016


Contents includes:

Competition results
ICCWS report
Bird Deterrent Strategies
Pinot Noir Research Projects
Juice Clarification

The Grape Press Volume 164 – March 2016


Contents includes:

Annual General Meeting
Soil Nutrition
Gentle Pruning Method
Practical Guide to Blending
Soil Organic Matter

The Grape Press Volume 163 – September 2015


Contents includes:

Competition results
Yeast Strains for Bacchus
End of Season Treatments
Wine Packaging Options
Pinot Noir Trial

The Grape Press Volume 162 - March 2015

grapepress_march2015Content includes:
Vintners' Hall Dinner
Grapevine Viruses
The Origins of Fertiliser
Grapegrowing in Scotland

Regalis Trial

The Grape Press Volume 161 - August 2014

grapepress_august2014Content includes:

Competition Results
Froginwell Vineyard
Trunk Diseases
SEVA Benchmarking
The Rise of English Wine

The Grape Press Volume 160 - March 2014

grapepress_march2014Content includes:

Precision Viticulture
'Gentle' Pruning Method
Shark in the Vineyard
Plumpton College
English Dessert Wines
New Planning Rules

The Grape Press Volume 159 - August 2013

grapepress_august2013Content includes:

Competition Results
Vine Spacing
Spotted Wing Drosophilia
Ray Brock
SEVA Benchmarking
Wine Marketing
Eldridge Estate

UK Approved Pesticides booklet ‘The Green Book’

full-label-extension-approvalsUKVA members can click here for the latest version of The Green Book.

The Grape Press Volume 158 - March 2013

grapepress_march2013Content includes:

Vintners' Hall Dinner
Trunk Diseases
Soil & Weather Science
Heat Damage in Transit
Powdery Mildew

The Grape Press Volume 156 - February 2012

grapepress_february2012Content includes:

UK to host 2016 ICCS
Trunk Diseases
Eastcott Vineyard
Well Wine Clinic

The Grape Press Volume 155 - August 2011

grapepress_august2011Content includes:

Royal President for UKVA
Thoughts on UK Wine
Hush Heath Estate
Competition Results
Wineskills & Research

The Grape Press Volume 154 - February 2011

grapepress_february2011Content includes:

Wine Economics Part II
Vinitech 2010
Lessons in Sustainability
Organic & Biodynamic Vineyard Meeting
Whither UK Wine Production
Crop Thinning Methods
Shedding Light on Shady Characters!
Using Regalis
Insuring your Vineyard
New Pest Problems

The Grape Press Volume 153 - September 2010

grapepress_september2010Content includes:

Pesticides Application Training
UKVA Wine of the Year Competition
UKVA and Sustainability
The Economics of Sparkling Wine
Reports from the Regions
The Flavour of Wild Yeast
Nutrient Petiole Analysis

The Grape Press Volume 152 - February 2010

grapepress_february2010Content includes:

English Wine Week
New Technical Pesticides Expert
Spray Deposition
Register Your Land
Single Payment Scheme
Mildew in Small Vineyards
Cold Stabilisation of Wine
Wasp Behaviour
Plumpton Research