UKVA Gold Patron


Rankin Brothers & Sons

Rankin Brothers & Sons is the UK’s local supplier of quality closures for still & sparkling wines and for beers and spirits.
Since 1774, Rankin has developed and supplied closures to seal, protect and add value to aspirational brands. Our offer extends from natural cork, through to micro agglomerate, synthetic or Nature TM, to T Top Stoppers, wire hoods, screw caps, crowns and onwards to capsules in tin, polylaminate, PVC and PET.

Rankin owns and manages cork forestry in Portugal, looking after your closures needs from `acorn to bottle’.
Rankin is proud to be supporting Cork Supply & Sparflex bringing these strong brands and their products closer to winemakers & bottlers here in the UK.

We are delighted to be able to support the UKVA and the English Wine Producers and we look forward to playing our part in the ongoing development and success of our `local’ wine industry.