UKVA Silver Patron



TUBEX have been designing and producing vine shelters for over 30 years; protecting young vine plants from browsing animals, chemical spray and enhancing the early growth. Products include Vine Original solid shelter, Eco-Vine solid shelter, Maxi-Plantation flat-packed round shelters, Vine Wrap and a range of other wrap sizes all in various heights. As well as solid shelters, we offer a comprehensive range of mesh guards.

TUBEX viticulture products are sold all over the world including Australia, America, The Balkans and South Africa, as well as all over Western Europe in wine-growing regions. The factory is based in South Wales and produces most of the range from this location. In the UK, the distributor for this segment is Vine-Works based near Brighton.

TUBEX is proud to be a Silver Patron of the UKVA. Being the market leader in vine protection, TUBEX's association with this key organisation is perfectly suited to the high quality and service expected of their products. The UK viticulture sector has a terrific opportunity to continue developing the respect and admiration of sommeliers around the world and to see vineyards expand within our shores. TUBEX is perfectly placed to give the necessary quality protection and enhancement to this developing UK industry in years to follow.